Peter Revello


About the Comedian:

Peter Revello is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer, based in New York City who was born and raised in Staten Island. Because Peter is one of the few Staten Islanders not currently in a union, he has a unique perspective he shares with anyone who'll listen. 

In 2018, Peter placed second in The Devil’s Cup competition and was asked to perform for a number of colleges including, SUNY Stony Brook, St. Rose of Albany, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Peter also starred in a sketch for Comedy Central (.com)! It still counts!

Peter is also a co-producer of, Whatever!, a weekly comedy show in the East Village, and a co-producer of Trigger Play Comedy Show, a monthly comedy show held in Bushwick, BK (yes, that Bushwick). 


Other Media

The Deadbeat Son Podcast

Peter Revello and his co-hosts John “Creepa” Castellano and Dylan Decesare will show you how to be the best deadbeat you can be. But first we just need a few bucks to get back on our feet. We’re good for it. We promise. Keep an eye our for it in the new year, 2019! Ya crumbum!